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7 Simple Moving Tips for an Easier Move


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7 Simple Moving Tips for an Easier Move

Most people are quick to tell you how stressful moving can be, or try to give you moving tips that simply don’t work. The best way to reduce the stress of moving is by having a solid plan. People who have moved multiple times know what works and can tell you what works. Each of these tips has been tested and approved.

Our Moving Tips:

  1. Stick To Your Deadlines
  2. Start Packing Ahead Of Time
  3. Sort Items by Keep, Donation, or Trash
  4. Color Code Your Packed Boxes
  5. Save On Packing Materials
  6. Load Your Closet Into Wardrobe Boxes
  7. Protect Valuables

1. Make a List with Deadlines and Stick to It

To stay on organized and on schedule, make a clear and detailed list. This list should include instructions for everything that needs to be done. There are many lists available online that you can look to for ideas. Add and subtract things that are essential for your move from the list to personalize it.

Organize your cords with paper rolls Another packing hack from this moving checklist is to keep all your cables neatly organized by wrapping up each cord and inserting it inside an empty roll from toilet paper or kitchen paper. (

Print out our comprehensive moving checklist and put it inside a designated moving binder. (

2. Begin Packing Now

Often times, the most stressful part of moving for people is packing up their current property. The easiest way to handle this is to pack early. Once you are nearly certain when the move will happen, it is time to begin packing. Packing early will get the process going and starting early can make it easier to handle.

Tips On Moving

Moving TipsFirst, start by packing items not used on the day to day, kick-knacks, and seasonal items. These items are easily packed and won’t interfere with your life. By starting here, you minimize the last-minute stress to get everything packed. Also, when you do this early, you can take your time and sort through things. Really evaluate if you want to bring all of the items to your new home or if there are items to be sold, discarded, or donated.

Ensure an easy move by creating and following a packing calendar where each packing job is prioritized and personalized. (

3. Sell. Donate. Trash.

When you are getting ready to move, it is a great time to declutter. Reducing what you own can help make space for new memories and items. Additionally, everyone knows the less “stuff” you have to move, the easier it is. Not to mention, the cheaper it can be to move. Less clutter means fewer boxes and potentially a smaller moving truck/less in movers’ fees.

An easy way to get started is to create three piles. In each room, divide items into a “sell” “donate” or “trash” pile.

Any of your items that can’t be sold prior to the move should be packed in boxes that are labeled “to sell”. This way you know not to unpack them first and finding a place for them is no longer on your to-do list.

4. Color-Code Boxes

This is an easy trick that can help save a lot of time, energy, and frustration when unpacking. Pick a color to represent each room of your home. While you are packing the items from that room, mark the box with an “X” in the color you chose.

Using colored duct tape or duck tape to color code moving boxes will streamline the moving process. (

While you are packing, create a color-coded list that outlines what color each room is. You can keep this list on your phone or on a piece of paper. Label more than one side of the box so it is clear where each box belongs.

Tips On Moving

Tips To MoveThis little trick makes boxes easy to identify and sort as you are moving into your new home. No more sorting through random boxes when you are trying to find sheets or silverware when you first move in.

This also works especially well with kids’ rooms. Make sure each child knows which color is theirs, and they can make sure they have all of their boxes in their room.

Using a label-based numbering system is an excellent office moving tips to remember, especially if you plan to use a moving company. (

I know, sounds simple right, but you would be surprised how often this can be forgotten in the mix of your moving process. (

5. Save on Packing Materials

By reducing the amount that needs to be packed, you can reduce the number of packing materials you need. Packing materials, such as bubble wrap and cardboard boxes can add up quickly. Luckily, there are multiple ways to save on costly supplies.

A lot of common household items can double as packing materials. For example, towels such as dishtowels or bath towels can be used to wrap breakable or fragile items.

Recycled Packing Paper! You’re planning your budget-friendly move, you’re cleaning out your closets full of odds and ends, and those old file boxes are a treasure trove of packing materials. (

Another tip with packing is to write a list for each box with the items packed inside and place it on top before sealing it. Later, during the unpacking process, this will make it easier to know what is at the bottom of the box without unpacking it entirely.

Moving Tips

Tips To MoveRemember: Pack heavy items in small boxes This tip may seem obvious to some, but many people will fill a large box with books and other heavy items when packing. (

6. Wardrobe Boxes for Closets

Removing all of your clothing from hangers, folding it, and packing it in a box, only to unpack and rehang it later is unnecessarily time-consuming. You can purchase wardrobe boxes at most home improvement stores and moving companies. They are well worth the investment.

It is as easy as moving the hanging items from your closet to the wardrobe box. This will save you a lot of time and energy later on.

Another way to save time and energy is by leaving dresser drawer items in the dresser drawers. Secure the drawers using plastic wrap. There are specific kinds of plastic wrap, specifically larger rolls, that make doing this easy.

Pre-pack clothes and shoes Save plenty of time by pre-packing winter clothes when moving in the summer and boxing early summer clothes during a winter move. (

7. Guard Your Valuables

When packing your valuables, luggage is a great space. Using a towel or blanket, you can protect breakable pieces. You can also use suitcases to carry important documents, files, and pictures.

Keep documents in a binder All your important documents must stay with you throughout the move, so the best way is to keep them all in one place. (

By doing this you protect the items and also make them easier to transport. Valuable and important belongings should not go with the movers. You should personally transport each of these items to your new home.

Moving doesn’t have to be as stressful as people say. After you accept your cash offer from EveryHouse, the easiest way to move is by making and plan and sticking to it. These easy tips and tricks can help reduce stress and streamline the moving process.

EveryHouse is here to ensure your moving process is low-stress and hassle-free from start to finish.

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